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  1. just coming by to say hi. you obviously haven’t seen some of these: http://mommysplurge.com/vegan-glutenfree-subscription-boxes/ You might want to try Happy Belly and/or Tasterie. Also Healthy Surprise. Though that kiwi/peach allergy… hm… I personally do a lot of subscribing & saving on amazon. i don’t necessarily need a surprise but I do need it delivered to my door. I am not rich or spoiled and I am 35 years old 🙂 I like useful and pretty things the best in my boxes!

    thank you for coming by and let me know what you subscribe to!

    1. I found your blog after I made this post! lol. I like your blog a lot, too. I also found one other one that I liked (and that I’m blanking on the name of right now…I haven’t slept..lol). The kiwi/peach thing is annoying and from what I have read about fruit allergies I’ll probably develop more fruit allergies. My issues with sorghum also kind of suck since a LOT of gluten free products that want a chewy texture (like cookies and tortillas) tend to use it.

      I didn’t see your page on gluten free subscriptions. I’ll definitely check it out, now. I really want to eventually get a gf food box. It seems like a great way to try out the expensive products that I can’t find locally without investing in buying them in bulk blindly.

      I’m trying to use the subscription boxes to save money. I figure with the ipsy bag (and any others I eventually subscribe too) any products I don’t like can be resold online somewhere (maybe…if I can find a good place to sell stuff – my favorite site for that shut down years ago) or I can put them up and use them as Christmas gifts. I shop for Christmas all year anyway. lol.

      1. 🙂 You should sleep! Is it related to latex allergy? You should be careful. Lots of us swap on Facebook groups, but I don’t know how much swapping there is of GF items. I keep a large gift closet and saved particular items that I got that I knew were “for” someone else. I got a shark tooth necklace in a fancy box and immediately put it away for my cousin. She LOVED it and I would never thought of buying it (and would have spent more than the cost of the box on it if i had). There are often coupon intro deals to help save more. That’s what I do.

  2. I’m not sure. I AM also allergic to latex. And now that I think about it I developed the peach allergy and the latex allergy around the same time (pre-teens – although it took me longer than it should have to realize why I was getting welts every time I wore a bandaid. For some reason I thought it was an allergy to the glue in the bandaids at first….which is why I never thought about the fact that those two allergies did start around the same time).

    I just looked at what I’m getting in my ipsy bag this month and I’m thinking I’ll be either figuring out a way to swap most of it or putting it up for gifts. I’m hoping the bag itself is at least cute. lol.

    1. do more research on the latex/fruit thing. i think you also have to avoid bananas, avocados, not sure. you’re pretty screwed 😦 the thing with latex as i am sure you know is that it gets worse the more contact you have.

  3. Oh I do remember reading that…..I just didn’t think anything of it because I’ve had no issues at all with avocados or bananas and I have eaten them both my whole life. I do avoid latex and the fruits I have allergies too because I don’t want them to get any worse. So, far I’ve never had to go to the hospital for an allergic reaction to anything (although one incident after I got a tattoo and the artist forgot not to wear latex gloves I came close to going – my wrist swelled up do big it was bigger than the width of my hand…but the benedryl kicked in and i was able to avoid it). I’m hoping I never have to go the hospital for a reaction.

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