Julep Maven Subscription Box – a positive experience (while canceling my subscription)

7 thoughts on “Julep Maven Subscription Box – a positive experience (while canceling my subscription)”

  1. I did not know they got rid of the skip option. I do wish more companies would have cancellation just available online as I don’t like the phone either. I also cancelled Julep as I can’t afford all these boxes

    1. They didn’t really announce that they got rid of the skip option. I read about it on another blog. If you were subscribed and have stayed subscribed since before December 18th you get to keep the skip option but anyone new no longer has it.

  2. While I understand the reasons behind companies doing “phone only” cancellations, I really think it should be standard to offer it online as well. There have been a few companies I’ve decided against trying strictly because of the phone only subscription changes. I *love* when they offer the pause or skip ability, it is SO nice! These boxes can really add up. Some of the blogs I’ve read spend more on boxes a month then I do on my mortgage!

    I think I might try Julep Maven for a month, I don’t wear makeup often, but that’s mainly because I only have a mascara and a couple of old eyeshadow from an Estee Lauder bag my mom gave me, hah.

    1. I’ve also opted out of trying some subscription boxes because of the phone only canceling. I told the lady at Julep that through email as well. I would never have subscribed if I had known they didn’t have the skip option anymore AND they required a phone call to cancel. I almost lied and just said I didn’t have a phone but then I decided to be honest instead.

  3. From what I can tell you can still skip. At least I can see the option when I go to the edit my selection for February’s box. I think it would be crazy for them to pull the skip option. The only reason I am getting this month’s box is because I love the colors more than usual and I want the eyeshadows. I will probably skip next month because I upgraded this month and I have an obscene amount of nail polish. But if you are on a budget Julep usually has sales so you get the polishes and cosmetics with some sort of deal in the future.
    I also do not like having to cancel by phone because I have social anxiety. I force myself to do it but I don’t like it at all.

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