Amazon PrimePantry – First Order Review

6 thoughts on “Amazon PrimePantry – First Order Review”

  1. I just found out about amazon smile which made me happy. I’ll have to look into this, too. For pet food I order from . I started ordering there because they have free shipping on orders over $50 and they carry the pet odor candles I like, the shipping for which is insane usually since they’re in glass jars. Idk about your pets, but olives food alone is close to $50 and they have a wide selection of foods so I find it worthwhile to order her food there, esp if I have something else to order along with it.

    1. I don’t generally buy big bags of food for Anjee. I usually just buy the smaller ones. Her food is usually around $20 but I have to make a special trip to the pet store for it. And now the cat litter we are going to have to use is $20 too and has to be bought at Pet Smart too. I’ll check out that website and see if they have the cat litter and Anjee’s food. Zeus’ and the cat food we just get at Walmart since they eat Iams.

  2. Looks like they need to step up the space calculations some, but it’s intriguing. i’ve always been a bulk shopper but i can see how people would prefer to get ONE tp for the month. i don’t like to shop for household supplies along with my groceries, so if i can order them, it’s all good. it does seem spendy, but you also got a lot of stuff!

    1. Yeah, it works much better for us than bulk shopping. I wish I could bulk shop since it is so much cheaper usually but our apartment is teeny tiny. We don’t even have room for all the stuff we actually use without stuff being in the way all the time. We have zero space for storing extras. :/

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