The Honest Company Product Review: Honest Baby Wipes 2017

4 thoughts on “The Honest Company Product Review: Honest Baby Wipes 2017”

  1. I knew the packaging had changed but I am SUPER disappointed to learn that the wipes themselves change. Especially as my bundle just shipped this morning. I was already annoyed that they stopped offering the 4 pack of wipes, because I would ALWAYS tack one onto my bundle, since we go through a lot of wipes. These and the Huggies super sensitive all natural are the only ones that my daughter can tolerate. Not for nothing if the quality is that bad this month, I’ll probably stop using them in favor of the cheaper sturdier option…

    1. Yeah I found out that we can use he Whole Foods brand of wipes and may move to those if these don’t improve. We will still get the diaper bundle but won’t add any extras and will buy the Whole Foods wipes instead.

      We also usually add a 4 pack. I assume they’ll have those again eventually. Probably still waiting to get production back up.

      Let me know what you think of the wipes once you get yours. I’m curious what other people think.

    2. It seems like they may be okay now. I bought a pack at Target and they’re like the old wipes. Maybe that first Lot was just bad because they rushed to get them released again.

      1. Okay good because mine sucked too and our next bundle ships next week. We has to fight just to get them out of the package. So annoying

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